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Financial Planning

Every family has a financial plan of some sort, either by design or default. The question is, how well does your current financial plan line up your family’s life goals?

By taking just a few minutes to evaluate your current plan’s performance in the following key planning areas, you could be taking a big step toward building a better financial future for your family.

  • Data Management: gathering, organizing and protecting useful financial information
  • Cash Flow Management: generating the positive cash flow needed to fund future goals
  • Risk Management: identifying, measuring and dealing with major financial risks
  • Tax Management: identifying and seizing opportunities to maximize after-tax income
  • Wealth Management: balancing risk and reward in order to maximize future dollars
  • Retirement Planning: laying the foundation for future financial security
  • Estate Planning: facing the facts of death for the benefit of loved ones

While it’s true that better planning is no guarantee of success, it is also true that poor planning could increase your probability of failure. If your self-evaluation reveals some areas of concern or opportunities for improvement, maybe the time has come to consider the services of a professional financial planner.

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*These services are offered by David St. John through his affiliation with HD Vest Investment ServicesSM and HD Vest Advisory ServicesSM